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Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

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Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

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Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

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Magic: The Gathering

the First trading card game created by richard garfield

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Zendikar rising


Strixhaven: school of Mage

Modern Horizon 2

Adventure in the forgotten realms

inistrad: midnight hunt

inistrad: crimson vow

commander legend

inistrad: double feature

kamigawa: neon dynasty

streets of new capenna

double masters 2022

dominaria united


the brother's war

dominaria remastered

pyrexia: all will be one

march of the machine

lord of the rings: tales of the middle earth


Jigsaw Puzzle

Solve together with family and friend!

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finding a new adventure

As soon as the owner is holed up in the house in a vain attempt to catch up with deadlines, Lucy the dog is free to go around and live the most disparate adventures: fungal aliens, burrowing badgers, acting cats secrets, porcupines who speak the language, ghost pigs. She even envies her in her diet, as she often complains that two pizzas are too much for dinner. 

And do you know the most beautiful thing which is?  That this time the adventures will be decided by us readers.  Because together with Stefano Tartarotti there is also Christian Giove, and from the mix of these two minds a paper visual game has emerged that integrates puzzles and crossroads within colorful tables, creating a perfect blend of comics and games. 

Countess Alessandra Zorzi, international adventurer and thief, arrives in  Arkham pursuing an ancient body freshly exhumed from a  mound in Oklahoma, of curious provenance and peculiar characteristics. But before she can steal it, another party beats her to it. During the resulting gunfight at the Miskatonic Museum, the countess makes eye contact with the petrified corpse and begins an adventure of discovery outside her wildest experiences. Now, caught between her mysterious client, the police, and a society of necrophagic connoisseurs, she finds herself on the trail of a resurrected mummy as well as the star-born terror gestating within it.

The mysterious disappearance of a gifted student at Miskatonic University spurs his troubled roommate, Elliot Raslo, into an investigation of his own. But Elliot already struggles against the maddening allure of a ceaseless chant that only he can hear… When Elliot’s search converges with that of a Greenland Inuk’s hunt for a stolen relic, they are left with yet more questions. Could there be a connection between Elliot’s litany and the broken stone stele covered in antediluvian writings that had obsessed his friend? Learning the answers will draw them into the heart of a devilish plot to rebirth an ancient horror.

London, 1895.

A gang of criminals terrorizing the streets, a mansion harboring a thousand mysteries, a grimoire stolen by a ghost, a secret that comes to revelation… the great Sherlock Holmes himself entrusts you with the resolution of these cases!

You are the secret police of the famous detective, and you play, as you wish, the agile Vicky, the powerful lke, the observer Wiggins or the cunning Myrtle.

Use your specific skills to explore the streets of London, solve puzzles, collect clues, interview suspects, decode messages.

Play alone or with others, make the right choices and create your own adventure, because YOU are the heroes!

(Release in November 2021)

Aspiring painter Alden Oakes is invited to join a mysterious art commune in Arkham: the New Colony. When celebrated Spanish surrealist Juan Hugo Balthazarr visits the colony, Alden and the other artists quickly fall under his charismatic spell. Balthazarr throws a string of decadent parties for Arkham’s social elite, conjuring arcane illusions which blur the boundaries between nightmare and reality. Only slowly does Alden come to suspect that Balthazarr’s mock rituals are intended to break through those walls and free what lies beyond. Alden must act, but it might already be too late to save himself, let alone Arkham.


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